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Cooking From Scratch - The Homemade Cooking Journey

I love cooking from scratch. Everything from bagels to prime rib; no task is too big for this self-proclaimed foodie.

I’ve been cooking since I was old enough to stand on a chair beside my mother and grandmothers as they cooked the most awesome meals you could imagine. I loved watching their flour covered hands form breads, cakes and pies while mouthwatering aromas filled the kitchen.

When I started raising a family of my own, I found little time for cooking while working full-time with the added responsibilities that come with having children. I’m ashamed to say that, with limited time and energy, I slipped into the dreaded, quick and easy zone; frozen pizzas, carry out, and dinners out of a can.

Luckily, it only took me about a year to realize I was feeding my family mostly chemicals and empty calories. Not to mention, those foods tasting inferior to my homemade cooking.

Sitting down and taking a look at how my mother and grandmothers managed years ago, I discovered, I could too. I could find balance between work, running a household and raising a family.

Today, even with an empty nest, I continue cooking from scratch. Cooking is now a hobby as well as for my family’s benefit.

A Definition

The difference in ideas of what defines homemade cooking is amazing. I take pause when I notice the many jars, boxes, and freezer packages that fill most shopping carts. Many people think cooking from scratch means, pouring it out of a jar, popping it in the microwave, or dropping it in boiling water. It may save time but, it’s not from scratch.

Here is my definition of made from scratch: naming and pronouncing, every single ingredient.

Opening a jar and pouring sauce over pasta is not homemade cooking; it’s heat and serve. And while it’s easier, processed food is more expensive and usually contains large amounts of sodium, sugar and other chemicals. Plus, the time you save is small. Most prepackaged foods, like cake mixes, only save you a minute or two: the time difference between opening the package and measuring the ingredients.

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Making the Switch to Homemade

I love eating out however, we only do so, two maybe three times a month. It’s more of a treat than anything else. I simply must have my monthly fix of that “not so good for you” food from my favorite Chinese restaurant.

While I enjoy eating out, it’s not the norm for various reasons including the high cost of a regular restaurant habit and the severe lack of nutritional value.

If you can read and follow step-by-step instructions like I list on this website, you can make nutritional, homemade meals. It takes dedication and the willingness to set aside the time for meal and budget planning. I always try to include estimated preparation time and costs with each recipe and tutorial.

I still work during the week so I do most of my cooking on the weekends, especially Sundays. I like to make dishes I can double or triple the amount so I can freeze for lunches or future dinners.

I also like cooking large pot roasts or chickens so I have something that makes up various types of meals throughout the week. By increasing my recipe sizes, I save a huge amount of time.

For More Cooking: Homemade Recipes

Get your kids involved. Our son started learning to cook when he was 5 years old. Today, he still cooks and is very good at it.

This is quality time spent with your family and, believe me, the kids “will” thank you when they’re older.


As with anything, there are safety rules to follow when cooking from scratch including: safe food storage and proper preparation and handling. If you are new to cooking, always research safe cooking to avoid food borne illness.

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