Please excuse my mess as I clean house! I am rearranging and sprucing things up, making it easier to find more of your favorite things. Please forgive me if some things move, but I think you will like the site much better after I'm done. Everything is still here, just residing in different places.

Making it Homemade

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the definition of homemade is:

1. made in the home, on the premises, or by one’s efforts

2. of domestic manufacture

My definition: doing it yourself for everyday living.

My Kitchen...Not Huge But Very Functional

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Creating your own is fun and usually a healthier alternative to store-bought, plus it gives you more self-sufficiency. My laundry soap and easy pancake mix not only save you money but, they don’t contain all the chemical toxins you find in ready-made.

I’ve learned that many hand crafted products are safer and more effective than the store-bought equivalents. Most items in my house I make from scratch. The ones that aren’t; I just haven’t figured out how to make them….yet.

I've been sitting on this darn thing for a week and it still hasn't hatched!

My next step on the homemade path is making food for my cats. I have several of the furry critters and want them to benefit from homemade goodness as much as we do.

Excuse me...this is MY private stash.

Starting Out Homemade

Pancakes, One of My Family's Favoriets

My best advice for starting is take it slow. If you try doing everything at once, the task becomes overwhelming. Take baby steps, start with one project and go from there. By doing this, you will quickly learn what pace is best for you.

I recommend you start with cooking using quick and easy dinner recipes. Making your meals from scratch saves the most money while providing the healthiest benefits.

Cooking doesn’t need specialized skills. If you can follow instructions you can cook. By starting out simple, you quickly gain the knowledge to move on to more complex recipes.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Vegetables

Once you become comfortable with cooking, you can include planning meals ahead and batch cooking. Batch cooking is a favorite of mine. With so many foods you can cook in large quantities that freeze well, you always have ready meals.

So what else can you make? You can make almost anything at home. Some of my favorites are laundry detergent for both regular washers and high efficiency machines, cleaning products, toiletries and so much more.

Another favorite of mine is handcrafted food gifts. My family and friends look forward to special occasions and my gifts of food mixes. Brownie, pancake, soup, and hot cocoa are just a few of the made from scratch gifts I love to give. Just take one awesome recipe, a fancy container and precise instructions and you have a gift for Christmas, birthdays or just because.

Let's Have Fun

One of My Recyled Homemade Creations

This site was built because of my love of making things. I will share with you…

  • Tips for stocking the perfect pantry
  • Menu Plans
  • Shopping Lists
  • Cooking Recipes and Tips
  • Cleaning Recipes and Tips
  • Hair and Skin Care Recipes and Tips
  • Hand Crafted Gift Ideas and Tutorials

And much more...

I hope you visit often.

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My husband and I live in beautiful Oklahoma green country. We love making things homemade with both of us being avid cooks. As we move towards a more self-sustainable lifestyle, we enjoy sharing our knowledge with those who want to learn.